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Funny meeting you here- Div+ Le Chiffre

Divine didn’t really frequent casinos much, but when she did, she dressed like one of the wives in Goodfellas. She really couldn’t help it, she had back catalog of vintage dresses that she hadn’t even worn yet.

But she picked the simplest one, satin and gold, backless with a train that went behind her; not too long, but just enough for an accent.  She only wore one cubic zerconia bracelet, and as always had her amulet; this time visible as it wouldn’t be too out of place in a place like this…the light blue of it complimented her gold dress rather well. 

It was the new year- she thought she’d treat herself by going to a swanky place, not in another dimension but on warm old Earth, a place she had recently made a personal campaign to spend more time on. It wasn’t that bad; she’s have a drink and play a game and just sort of spend time with herself. And Fazz of course, who as always was curled up cozily in her amulet housing.

After ordering her drink, she sat at the bar for a moment but paused; she noticed something out of the corner of her eye that seemed familiar to her. She turned, just out of curiosity and noticed a dark haired man sitting some feet away. She recognized his face.



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"So what are you looking for?" Div asked, curious. She moved around looking in different spots for more titles. 

"Nothing in particular, just something.. interesting, to me anyways." she shrugged.

Divine nodded. Actually she could use a little help in picking the right book. Maybe this lady knew something, she thought. 

"Hey, do you know anything about Greek Mythology?" she asked. She was sort of more curious than anything. 

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